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Sylveon Colour Changing 3D Light


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An amazing Pokemon themed item, this 3D lamp is a must-have for all Pokemon fans around the world! Choose the lamp of your favorite Pokemon and be dazzled with a stunning item for your room.

This 3D lamp is an innovative artistic atmosphere light. Optical acrylic light guide plates are engraved with various 2D graphics and 3D visual impact. Used to craft this masterpiece is a 2D acrylic board and a LED base powered by either an included USB cable or 3 AA batteries. The acrylic board is around 4-5mm in thickness, but stereoscopic 3D vision technology is used to give off a 3D effect and a visual pattern with various options of color and light effects. There is also a touch switch on the base to switch between seven different colors and visual effects such as a mode where all colors are automatically played after each other with a fading animation.


  • Touchpad for switching color/mode
  • Remote controller with multiple functions (included only in Touch & Remote model)
  • 7 Color Change(Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, White) and an automatic light changing mode
  • Can be powered with an included USB cable
  • Can also be used with 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • LED lights will guarantee a very long lifetime (lifespan 10000 hours)
  • LED lights save energy compared to other
  • Plug it away in any wall outlet, computer, laptops, power banks and much more
  • Instructions included, extremely easy and safe to operate
  • Output: 2-2.5W
  • Input: 4.5-5V
  • Cable Length: 1 Meter/3 Feet and 3 inches

Touch only, Touch & Remote

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